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Ultra Ever Dry Coating

Ultra-Ever Dry is an amazing waterproof and oil proof coating that completely repels almost all liquids. Ultra-Ever Dry creates a barrier that repels water, wet concrete, refined oil, and other liquids better than any other coating. Ultra-Ever Dry has great adhesion and abrasion resistance, allowing it to be used in applications where greater durability is required. Both the top and bottom coatings are required for usage. Try Ultra Ever Dry on equipment, tools, panels, boots, machinery, work vehicles, paint equipment, and so much more!

** Ultra-Ever Dry is approved for sale to industrial and commercial entities and, without EPA consumer approval, it cannot be sold to consumers** All Ultra-Ever Dry sales are final. We are unable to accept returns on the product because of the shelf life (1 year). Ultra-Ever Dry is stamped with a “best by” date and because of that, returns are not practical.

Ultra-Ever Dry does NOT dry clear! It cannot be used on automobile windshields and obscures visibility through glass.

NOTE: Ultra-Ever Dry is a TWO-part system. Both the Bottom Coat and Top Coat must be applied for the product to be effective. Personal protective equipment recommended when applying.

Anti-Wetting – Ultra-Ever Dry superhydrophobic coating keeps objects dry. Water and many other liquids simply repel off.

Anti-Icing – The superhydrophobic properties of Ultra-Ever dry keeps coated materials completely dry, eliminating the formation of ice.

Anti-Contamination – Dust, dirt, water and other liquids that contain bacteria or radiation never actually contact the surface of the coated material so bacteria and radiation is greatly diminished or eliminated and easy to decontaminate to sterile, if needed.

Self-Cleaning – Ultra-Ever Dry repels dirty water and thick oils, and remains clean and virtually bacteria-free. When dust, dirt or other molecules accumulate on a Superhydrophobic coated surface, a light spray of water or a blast of air grabs the dust and removes it.

Product Life-Extending – Many products fail from moisture, water, oil or getting too dirty for continued use. Use Ultra-Ever Dry superhydrophobic coating to extend the life of work gloves and other PPE, electric motors by preventing moisture on the windings, coat nuts and bolts to prevent corrosion, coat tools, equipment, and virtually any item that needs to be kept dry, corrosion free, de-iced, uncontaminated or clean.

Anti-Corrosion – Ultra-Ever Dry Superhydrophobic coating ensures water and moisture never actually contact the base material

How to Apply Ultra-Ever Dry
All Ultra-Ever Dry® sales are final. We are unable to accept returns on the product because of the shelf life (1 year). Ultra-Ever Dry is stamped with a “best by” date and because of that, returns are not practical.
Downloadable Information
Ultra Ever-Dry FAQ List | Ultra Ever-Dry Brochure | Ultra Ever-Dry Instructions | Product Specification Sheet

Some of the ways that Ultra-Ever Dry can be used.

• Boots & footwear   • Nuts, bolts and other hardware   • Cinder blocks   • Bricks
• Concrete trucks   • Concrete washout chutes   • Stairs, railings & catwalks   • Clothing / apparel
• Fall protection   • Engines   • Building supplies   • Cooling coils
• Hats, caps & other headwear   • Gloves   • Outdoor seating   • Tools & equipment
• Machinery   • HVAC   • Paint equipment   • Electric motors
• Boats & marinas   • Air stripper trays   • Paper mill rollers • Concrete counter tops
• Coating anything you do not want ice to form on or be easily removed from   • Water proofing and water resistant coating for concrete   • Coating anything you want to be self-cleaning when it rains or easier to clean.   • Coating anything you want to be dry immediately after it rains.  
• Coating any metal for corrosion protection   • Work vehicles   • Coating anything you do not want bacteria on    

For more information and pricing on Ultra Ever Dry contact email or call ph#630-376-2400.

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